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Time To Move On

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Dear all,

This post is at the same time easy and difficult to write. Easy, because I know it’s the right thing to do, but hard because I get so emotional doing it. Writing this post is like handing in my job resignation, even though I have really, thoroughly enjoyed my job, my colleagues and my position. It’s just that inside me there’s been a voice for a while, and it’s been growing louder and louder and louder, telling me this: It’s time for me to move onto new projects, challenges and opportunities.

The other evening I was out with my husband, talking about how life has turned upside down, entering a brand new phase in life where I will be juggling a new position, a baby and everyday life. I have already learnt how precious time is, and now even more than ever before, I want to make every single minute count. I have so many projects in my head that I have been wanting to work on for almost as long as I’ve had Pretty Chic Blog, and I have made the final decision: now is the time that I wrap up my blog and start focusing on new ventures.

This blog has documented quite a journey – I started off writing in Danish, collecting scraps, images, ideas from foreign sources  to bring to the Danish public (see my first post here from June 2009). Then, as I felt that the industry was maturing, I decided to turn it upside down, blogging in English and wanting to show that we in Scandinavia are able to live up to the beautiful design culture that we are known for – in weddings, too.

What will I be using my time on? Yes, I have a baby and a job and everyday life. But one thing is absolutely for sure: I can’t bear to leave the wedding world :) And I have a clear idea in my head – it’s bubbling and boiling, and I can’t wait for it to become reality. It will take a lot of work, but I know for sure it will happen. For now, I ask you all to be patient. I promise to keep you updated on this blog about my new (ad)ventures once I have something more tangible to show for them.

In the meantime, do feel free to browse the archives of Real Weddings, photoshoots, DIYs and little details that give your wedding that personal twist.

Thanks, everyone, for 3 fantastic years. Have a great summer!


Brittany ♥ Paul – Scandinavian Garden Wedding

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Photographed by Ali Degraff

Through 3 years of writing this blog, I have often found myself thinking how to define a Scandinavian wedding. We Scandinavians take so much pride in our design tradition – the modern, white, straightlined style that we see reflected in so much Scandinavian furniture and architecture… It’s easy to forget that we also have tons of design in the other end of the Scandinavian style spectre, which is in fact colourful, folkloric, patterned and fairytale-like.

You might already have seen this wedding on numerous other blogs, including 100 Layer Cake and Green Wedding Shoes, but I felt that my blog would be missing something important, if I didn’t find place for this wedding too. Copenhagen-based Brittany designed her wedding with inspiration from the place where she and Paul had their first date together – the lovely Tivoli gardens, creating a landscape of huge paper flowers and colourful banners. Absolutely magical, and the ultimate garden wedding.


Photography: Ali Degraff
Venue: Newport Beach LDS temple
Dress: Mum’s dress
Shoes: Matiko
Bow ties: Liberty fabric from Purl
Hair: Rebecca Maready
Invitations: The House That Lars Built (Bride’s Etsy Shop)
Flowers: The House That Lars Built (Bride’s Etsy Shop)
Letterpress: Rowley Letterpress


The winner of the Slaapaap Give-Away

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Goodmorning everyone!

I finally have the pleasure to announce the winner of the Perfect Cuddly Morning Give-Away contest, and the winner is Milla Halttu with her Pinterest board in lovely, Scandinavian summer colours, cosy socks and the cutest, cuddliest puppy :) See the original Pinterest board here.

A million thank yous to Slaapaap for allowing me to run this fun contest. Milla – I hope you’ll be enjoying many, many mornings together with your new pillow for two!! :)

Sources: Pillo for two from Slaapaap | Starry socks from Malenami | Bedroom from Beach House Company | Blanket and laptop from Char and the City | Feet in duvet from Le Love | Socks on floor from Malenami | White flowers from Divaani Blog | Puppy from Char and the City | Breakfast from Iittala Store

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Rebecca ♥ Rickard – Engagement Session

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Photographed by Jennie Johansson

It’s been a while since I featured engagement sessions, and with summer coming up (and foreseeing a number of proposals over your romantic vacation trips) I thought I’d advertise a bit for this concept… just in case you haven’t heard of it before. I’m happy to see though, that more and more wedding photographers in Scandinavia are offering ‘pre-wedding shoots’ as part of their packages, because I can’t recommend having them done enough. My experience is that they’re an excellent warm-up for discovering what works for you when you’re being photographed, and the resulting pictures are often just as beautiful as your wedding pictures – however, much more timeless. Many engagement sessions that we see around the web are full of props… but I love one that just uses beautiful surroundings and a pretty dress just as much.

To illustrate, here’s a lovely engagement shoot, photographed by the very talented Jennie Johansson. Here’s what Jennie has to say about the couple:

“The couple is Rebecca and Rickard and they are getting married in june 30th this year. To celebrate their love we went to the church that they will get married and had a amazing time together.

Rebecca is a girl who wants to take care of everyone around her. She is caring, kind and wish everyone well. Richard is a guy who is not afraid to offer himself to make others laugh. If you meet them one by one so you see their different personalities. But when they are together they become one. They become Rebeckard. Rebeckard is the personification of love and to see them together shows you just what love is all about. That you can spin round and round and knowing that the other does not let go. Being able to be yourself and just cuddle. Being able to joke and laugh together. It is love. It is Rebeckard. I’m so glad I got to immortalize their love and show it to others.”


Elín ♥ Kári – The Wedding with the Caped Bride

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As soon as I saw the first picture from this wedding on Gudny’s website, I just knew I had to feature it – the style of the bride alone was what did it. Oh look! A caped bride! And guess what – she is so absolutely stunning and classy.

I’m pretty sure that Gwyneth must have stumbled through this same website and upon this same wedding, when choosing her beautiful Tom Ford cape for the Oscars. And then when we look closer, we find the prettiest, vintage short wedding dress previously owned by a ballerina and actress, and the loveliest bracelet and hair accessory in pretty, blush colours. Of course, no stylish bride goes without an equally dashing groom by her side, in the blue and yellow double breasted suit, who played a song for her at the ceremony.

Read the story behind the wedding attire after these lovely images of the bride, the groom, and a cake with Luke Skywalker / Pippi Longstockings cake toppers.

Gudny, the photographer, explains: “Kári and Elín got married in September 2011 in Hvalfjörður in Iceland; they chose the place, as it was where they kissed for the first time on a high school trip 10 years earlier.

The ceremony took place outside, as the couple loves the Icelandic beautiful nature.

What the couple were thinking when they organized their day: 
A day to enjoy with friends and family, not too planned, beautiful ceremony, good food and a lot of fun.
 The plan was to mix together vintage and country romance.

The dress was made by the bride’s neighbour when she got married in 1965. She was an Icelandic ballerina and an actress, graduated from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London. The dress fell into the arms of the bride after her neighbor had a yard sale in the spring. It was not for sale but the bride asked for fun if she had a wedding dress for her. The woman found the dress a couple of days later in her attic, it fit perfectly and the bride got to buy it after the neighbor had assured her that happiness followed the dress as her own marriage had been filled with happiness.

As it can be very cold in Iceland in the beginning of September the bride needed something to were over the dress and found this cape in vintage store in Iceland.

The day was beautiful, the food was delicious and everyone had the best time at the party.”

Photographer: Gudny B. Photography
Wedding dress: Vintage, bought from the neighbour.
Cape: Vintage, Nostalgía.
Groom’s attire: Custom tailored by Gudmundur Jörundsson, a friend of the couple.
Brides shoes: Kathryn Amberleigh
Bracelet and hair accessory: Hlín Reykdal who specially designed and chose the colors for the bride.
Hair: Sandra Olgeirsdóttir, 101 Hárhönun
Makeup: Kristín Edda Óskarsdóttir with Mac Makeup
Venue: Drengur í Kjós
Catering: Veisla fra Francois Fons
Flowers: Ragnhildur Fjeldsted, Dans á rósum
Rings: Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir, Aurum.
All venue decorations were handmade by the bride, friends and family.

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