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Nature Inspired Gourmet

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I hope your weekend was infused with sunshine and blue skies, like mine. Right from the morning, a summer holiday atmosphere had sunk over our office on Friday, and was filled with excitement, looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend ahead. Having been so busy, I had nothing planned for these 3 days and was looking forward to be completely lazy and relaxing. However, I was struck by the feeling of wanting to celebrate, nothing in particular – just the exciting times coming up, the weather and the weekend. So I called my husband up and asked him if he was up for going out for a romantic dinner.

What do you look for in a wedding venue?

Back when I was planning our wedding and looking for a location for the reception, I had my eyes set on the gourmet restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. What captured me at first was the pictures of the beautiful venue: An 18th century pavillion, artfully and contemporarily decorated indoors with elements inspired by nature and glamour, and surrounded by The Danish Royal Garden Society and Frederiksberg Gardens. I was in love with this location, not least after seeing and reading about the cuisine there. Realistically though for our wedding, we wanted to spend as much time as possible together with our guests, and so we ended up opting for a venue closer to the church. But this Friday, right after my rather impulsive phone call to Thomas, I booked a table for the same night, and I felt right away that this was going to be really fantastic evening.

I tell you, the moment we stepped in, I was not disappointed: the staff welcomed us into a venue which was as intimate and relaxed as I had hoped for. The graphics on the walls were overlaid with sheer fabrics of colourful nature images, and the ceiling was dripping with subtle lighting, chandeliers and crystals, lavishly strewn above our heads. I loved the relaxed elegance of this venue, the round tables very simply decorated with linens and a rock marking each place, a blank slate for the upcoming 20 or so dishes that we were going to be served.

I learnt a while ago that the hardest thing to photograph is food, and I knew that my own photographs wouldn’t do these exquisitely crafted dishes justice. So although the pictures you see here are not from our own experience, I think they illustrate very well what I mean when I describe our evening.

Gorgeous, don’t you think? The dishes were beautifully served on slabs of stone, simple white or glass plates, soup was served in a pretty teacup – all of them inspired by unruly gardens and woods, prettily decorated with colourful petals and flowers.

While I’m a foodie, but I will not pretend to be a culinary expert, so I won’t try to replicate the staff’s description of each dish. Not one one the 5 senses was forgotten during our visit. Some dishes were a small adventure, and I’ll admit that not all were in my taste, but one thing that stood out for me was their authenticity while modern. Many new taste nuances, but inevitably my favourite dishes ended up being the ones which reminded me of summer and family holidays. A lamb medallion so tenderly roasted that it brought me back to a holiday in Greece in olive groves one Easter as a ten-year-old, or the deep fried elderflower which reminden me of summer camp as a teenager. The new interpretation of the traditional Danish dish, rødgrød med fløde which was more of a strawberry coulis, strewn with a crispy coat of sugar and white chocolate cream sauce reminded me of summer and the countless creme brulées from my family’s many ski trips to France. And of course, for me, the whole gourmet experience reminded me of the day where Thomas asked me to marry him, back in 2009 after another gourmet experience.

The restaurant is very romantic and poetic, and is this in a bright and untraditional way – it would be such a perfect venue for an intimate wedding. In the midst of the subtle sounds of running creeks, birds tweets and crickets coming from the loudspeakers, we were mesmerized when a peacock graced us by fanning its array of colours with its tail just outside our window, and though I can’t say if pregnancy hormones may have had something to do with it, I felt somewhat sentimental and moved by this whole experience.

Needless to say, we left the restaurant, happy and satiated. Thomas a little drunk from the wines that accompanied the menu, and me, drunk from the many impressions throughout our dinner. I can’t wait for next time.

All pictures from Mielcke & Hurtigkarl‘s website

3 comments for “Nature Inspired Gourmet”

  1. Britt says:

    This is where i’ll have my wedding in august:) i think the location, surroundings and food are SO romantic, thanks for reminding me, know i look even more forward to it:) thanks for a greaT and inspiring blog…

    • Birgitte says:

      Hi Britt,

      I will be having my wedding there in April 2013 and I am curious to hear if Mielcke and Hurtigkarl lived up to your expectations at your wedding?

      And by the way…. Congratulations with the wedding :-)

  2. Britt says:

    This is where i’ll have my wedding in August – i think the garden surroundings are so romantic and beautiful, and the food is delicious and full of fantasy (although im not sure my grandad will like it). Thanks for an inpiring blog…

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