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Sponsor Spotlight: Camilla Jørvad Photography

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Have you said hello to my lovely new sponsors yet? They are right over there, in the column to the right – do go and visit them and check out their beautiful work and be inspired! :)

I’m so pleased to introduce to you one of my new January sponsors – Photographer Camilla Jørvad. I’m so inspired by her pursuit in not only creating beautiful wedding imagery, but also in being a green photographer. Based on the beautiful island of Ærø and living on a hobby farm, Camilla thinks of the environment in every aspect she can of her business: Communication is kept online, and all products – high end albums, prints and CD covers are made of eco-friendly materials and inks, and the business cards and high end prints are printed by a company who themselves use environmentally friendly products. She will also be cooperating with the ‘Plant et træ‘ (plant a tree) organisation, to which a percentage of her photography fee will be donated.

Camilla describes herself in the following way:

I LOVE photographing weddings. It allows me to explore all aspects of photography while enjoying the company of happy couples in love. On any given wedding day I am both a creative portrait photographer, an unobtrusive photo-journalist, a food and still life photographer,
a fashion photographer, and a nature photographer. But above all I approach every wedding as an artist and a story-teller.

I want to evoke emotion, tell your story, and create beautiful images. Esthetically I am greatly inspired by film photography masters like Elizabeth Messina and Jose Villa. I strive to create images of contemporary romance and nordic simplicity with a touch of femininity.
I want every moment with me to be a good experience for the couple and I love to make a bride feel beautiful.

I want to create a quality product for my clients. Quality requires time and care and I take my job, but not myself very seriously. I enjoy working with couples who value photography, understand the memories I can create for them, and trust me implicitly to tell their
wedding day story, from the grandest perspective to the smallest detail.

Random facts:
♥ I am 28 years old
♥ I am happily married, with two kids
♥ I love to cook
♥ I love the smell of lavender and all things vintage
♥ I am a self-taught photographer
♥ This is my fourth year in business and I have worked with more than 50 couples on their wedding day
♥ I live on the tiny Danish island Aeroe, but have worked with couples from all around the world and will
gladly travel for destination weddings :)

I can’t wait to hear about your special day and how I can be involved :)

Sounds good, right? Do check out more of her work, much of it in the beautiful surroundings of Ærø on her webite.

What do you think?