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Wedding Trends 2012: Specialty Buffets

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Goodness – January is a busy time! Now that we are finally approaching two thirds of the month, I think it’s time to post my last wedding trend 2012 before going back to the real weddings and vendor spotlights. I’ve really been enjoying this collection of wedding details, but what I’m really looking forward to are those details which no one would have guessed would turn up to be in fashion. 2012 will be a good year, I’m sure.

So: yes, I know – we’ve already seen dessert tables with delectable cakes and lots and lots of candy. Now that businesses are popping up offering this specifically (Candy Queen to name one), this will continue for sure… but we will also see spin-offs by creative brides who have a different specialty in mind. My husband, for instance, is an ice-cream fan – so a beautifully styled ice cream bar would have been totally up his ally. How about a Martini bar or a champagne bar? Or perhaps a coffee bar, complete with a barista, numerous coffee beans to choose from and a huge selection of chocolate spoons, sirups and sprinkles?

Sources: Think Photography via Pretty Chic Blog | Amy Moss for Eat Drink Chic | Karen Mordechai for Sunday Suppers cheese table | Martini bar

4 comments for “Wedding Trends 2012: Specialty Buffets”

  1. I just post a number of pictures from a wedding i shot last year that had a candy buffet :-)
    I really like this kind of special buffets… because I loooove candy ;-)


  2. Shøle B. says:

    I totally agree. Candy buffets will totally be the top hot trends for this year. The greatest thing is that they look so nice and taste so good :)

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