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The winner of the Slaapaap Give-Away

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Goodmorning everyone!

I finally have the pleasure to announce the winner of the Perfect Cuddly Morning Give-Away contest, and the winner is Milla Halttu with her Pinterest board in lovely, Scandinavian summer colours, cosy socks and the cutest, cuddliest puppy :) See the original Pinterest board here.

A million thank yous to Slaapaap for allowing me to run this fun contest. Milla – I hope you’ll be enjoying many, many mornings together with your new pillow for two!! :)

Sources: Pillo for two from Slaapaap | Starry socks from Malenami | Bedroom from Beach House Company | Blanket and laptop from Char and the City | Feet in duvet from Le Love | Socks on floor from Malenami | White flowers from Divaani Blog | Puppy from Char and the City | Breakfast from Iittala Store

What do you think?