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New blog: Little Dot

15/11-2011   |   Category: About the blog, Elizabeth   |   Author: Elizabeth   |   10 commentsNo colors

You knew it was coming, right? Personally, I think I was the last one to expect taking this step – starting a blog about babies, fashion and style. What do I know about this, right? Yet, after Charlie has arrived I must admit that I just couldn’t not start a new project and share my […]

The Little Boy Made For Me In The Stars

14/10-2011   |   Category: Elizabeth   |   Author: Elizabeth   |   10 commentsNo colors

Our beautiful baby boy Charlie finally arrived, Sunday the 9th of October 2011. Thomas and I can’t describe the joy we feel – we are in a dreamy state of happiness. ★  ★  ★ You, you are, oh you are You’re the little boy made for me in the stars In the stars, that’s why […]

One Year Ago…

18/09-2011   |   Category: Elizabeth   |   Author: Elizabeth   |   8 commentsNo colors

… we celebrated our love for each other together with all our other loved ones. Today we’ll be celebrating the year that passed so quickly, looking back at all the amazing things we’ve already accomplished and discovered, and while we eat our wedding cake, we’ll be talking about all the exciting things that have yet […]

Our feathered wedding invitations on Sparkle and Hay!

17/05-2011   |   Category: Elizabeth   |   Author: Elizabeth   |   3 comments|

This is so exciting for me: Sparkle and Hay, where Erin collects beautiful inspiration for rustic chic weddings, just featured our wedding invitations! Thank you so, so much, Erin! They were definitely a labour of love, and those who know me probably thought I was crazy and maybe taking my wedding invitations just a tad […]

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Our wedding video

02/05-2011   |   Category: Elizabeth   |   Author: Elizabeth   |   3 commentsNo colors
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Elizabeth and Thomas’ wedding on Vimeo I must have watched our wedding video about a 200 times. Literally. And every. Single. Time. I go through the same emotions. I can’t help but smile knowingly at my past self when reexperiencing the nervousness while walking up the aisle. I love the scene with the rose petals […]

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