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{ Photoshoot } Autumn Wedding Inspiration with Horses

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Photographed by Camilla Jørvad – full gallery here

To me, this year’s autumn seems to have passed by in the blink of an eye! The summer stretched into a gorgeous Indian Summer… and suddenly, it seems, the shops were already decorated with Christmas decorations. Or is it just me? I must admit, I might have been rather occupied by a cute little one, to really think about or notice the autumn days. So while everyone else is creating the final touches on the advent calendars and lighting candles, I really want to hold on to the wonderful autumn crispness that I feel that I have missed out on.

So it’s nice with an inspiration shoot which makes me feel the autumn atmosphere, at least virtually. To me, the autumn season has always had something vintagey about it. I think it’s the yellowing leaves and subdued tones that remind me of old polaroids and fading book pages and maps.

I like this shoot, because it shows how little it takes to create a vintage look with a couple of details – an embroidered chair, a violin – and there is something Old World classy about horses. Of course, horses are one of the more difficult props to incorporate into a wedding, but if you’re a horse girl, a bridal portrait together with horses is such a unique idea.

Thank you to Camilla Jørvad for sending in this gorgeous inspiration!

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Vintage Bride’s Advice on Finding Your Wedding Dress

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Photographs by Sandra Åberg Photography. All photos are of the Vintage Bride boudoir.

For the occasion of the grand opening of the new Vintage Bride salon on Thursday (you’re invited! See the invitation here), I have asked Maria from Vintage Bride to give all you brides her advice on finding the wedding dress which is right for you:

  • When planning your wedding, the first elements to have in place are the venue, the ceremony location (church, etc.) and the wedding dress. After these elements have been chosen, it’s easier to build the atmosphere and style of the wedding around these.
  • When looking for a wedding dress, most brides start by searching for inspiration on wedding blogs, websites and magazines. During your search, choose a couple of places that you find interesting and visit them. Only when you have seen, touched and tried on the wedding dresses you will be one step further. Be open minded in dress styles, it’s important to choose a cut that suits your body shape.
  • If you can, make your appointments with the bridal salons in the start of the day, when you are most clearheaded. Trying out dresses is quite a new experience for most brides, so be prepared for lots of new impressions that you will need to take in. For this reason, I suggest that you don’t visit more than one bridal salon per day, but rather spread your salon visits over a number of days.
  • Next, give yourself time to feel if the dress fulfills your need. Most importantly, check that you feel comfortable in it, and that it reflects your personality 100%. At the same time, remember that a wedding is such a rare occasion and will hopefully only happen once, so this is the day where you can really express yourself with regards to the dress and/or accessories – for those who dare!
  • When trying on dresses, wear a strapless bra, seamless underwear (preferably nude coloured) and not too much make-up, as it can be transferred to the gowns.
  • It’s always nice to bring someone you know to the tryouts. Bring your sister or your best friend, and for your own benefit, keep the number of helpers limited to 1 or 2.
  • ”I have plenty of time…” I hear this sentence often, but it’s not always correct. It’s quite normal to find your wedding dress a year before the wedding, or at least 4-6 months before the wedding date, in case it needs to be ordered, adapted and customized with accessories. Please keep that in mind!

Thanks to Maria for your advice!


Invitation to the Grand Opening of Vintage Bride

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I think most brides see the part of looking for the wedding dress as one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning processes. I remember how I would walk by the bridal salon windows with a feeling of awe, as if it was forbidden territory for those who are not engaged. I envisioned the magical, glamorous feeling of being taken care of with exceptional service, champagne, a wonderland of exquisite dresses and an almost clairvoyant storekeeper who knew before I did, what my dream dress would look like – would whip out fabulous dresses which could transform me from the Monday-morning-haired working self into something close to Crown Princess Mary… I don’t know if I’m the only one to be this naïve – my friend joked that I expected this to be Cinderella-land, with trilling birds and cute little mice, delicately wrapping me in robes, veils and sashes… and, well… she isn’t entirely incorrect. I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I think I envisioned something very, very close to that… Am I the only one?

The truth is, I was really, really disappointed with my experience. I went through many, many try-outs and I must admit that only few stores made me feel particularly glamorous – even within realistic bounds. I appreciate that in the end, a bridal salon is a store like any other, and the shopkeepers want to, of course, sell. But I had expected so much more from the service, the experience -  I missed the magic.

This is why I so wish that Vintage Bride existed when I was getting married. Admittedly, I have never had a dress try-out together with Maria Lundorff Fekih who owns the store, but having gotten to know her very sweet nature through the photo shoots I have participated in with her, seen and felt her dresses, and having seen her beautiful new salon in Copenhagen, I know for sure that Maria knows what service is expected by the client, and she knows how to give it. Except for the Cinderella-mice and birds, of course, but it’s probably best that way.

This Thursday evening, the 24th of November, she and Jannie Baltzer are celebrating the grand opening of her very beautiful boudoir, and I really think you should see the place for yourself. I hear there will be champagne and delicious food, and many lovely people (including me and Charlie!) turning up. Here’s a peak at what will be awaiting you:

Pretty gorgeous, right? Stay tuned for Maria’s advice on finding the right wedding dress! :)

Photographs by Sandra Åberg Photography


Helene ♥ Flemming – Yellow Field Wedding

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Photographed by Tine Hvolby, Bryllupsphoto. See the full gallery here

When I was planning all the details for my wedding, I would try to remind myself that on the big day, I *had* to let go of the urge to control everything, to trust the venue, florist and photographer, relax, let the day roll and enjoy the day. Soak in the day, both what had been planned and came to fruition as expected, and also everything that came unexpectedly. Inevitably, I reminded myself again and again, there would be surprises on the day – and while brides will focus on, and do everything they can to avoid the bad surprises, I told myself that surprises can also be positive and serendipitous. These surprises can be an extra touch and can make the day extra memorable, just like a person’s little eccentricities and idiosyncrasies is what gives them their charm. In the end, the details aren’t the most important thing of the wedding. But they do give the guests and couple some visuals onto which to anchor and evoke the feelings that belong on this sweet and exceptional occasion in one’s life.

Helene and Flemming are both hunters, and used moss, branches from a century old appletree which had fallen in a storm and daisies (the favourite flower of the groom’s mum) for some gorgeous and unique decoration details, which in itself made the wedding memorable, not the least for their guests. But continuing on from the theme of surprises and serendipities, imagine being so lucky that the field next to your house has bloomed into a huge sea of yellow flowers, making for a memorable background. This, to me who gets a glimpse of their day through a set of pictures, makes their wedding stand out to me as the gorgeous and magical ‘Yellow Field Wedding’.


Photography: Tine Hvolby, Bryllupsphoto
Venue: Hopballe Mølle

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New blog: Little Dot

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You knew it was coming, right? Personally, I think I was the last one to expect taking this step – starting a blog about babies, fashion and style. What do I know about this, right? Yet, after Charlie has arrived I must admit that I just couldn’t not start a new project and share my findings.

So, I here present to you the new blog on the block, Little Dot, where I’m trying out a slightly different format, but also going back to my roots. It’s in Danish, but like Pretty Chic Blog, it has lots of pictures so there should be plenty of inspiration to draw from (as well as a bunch of photos of my son, who is the cutest on the planet… okay, I might be a teeny little biased on that statement…).

I hope you’ll come on by, and I would be so, so happy if you would leave a comment or maybe even like it on Facebook (if you like it, of course)… it would absolutely make my day :)

As for Pretty Chic Blog (and my hopelessly booming inbox), I really must apologize for the silence – but I promise to get back on track this week. In fact there is a huge bunch of really great weddings with gorgeous photography coming up, as well as an interview where we will learn some advice on finding the right wedding dress. So do come back soon, I promise I won’t disappoint!

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