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The baby’s asleep, daddy’s at work and the morning news is droning on in the background… but inside my head, there’s sparkling fireworks and colourful confetti, as last night I discovered that this little blog was listed as one of the best wedding blogs over on the German ladies’ mag Brigitte, right next to some of my own favourites sources of inspiration. You know, those beautifully designed blogs like 100 Layer Cake, Once Wed and Green Wedding Shoes, which inspired me when I was planning my own wedding. And like, I know that the girls at the blogs I just mentioned are probably so used to this… you know, being mentioned as among the best wedding blogs for the millionth time… but for me, it’s really big :) But really, and I hope you know this: It’s because of the great inspiration that’s out there and the beautiful photographs that are submitted to me by wonderful photographers, that this has happened. It’s true that I put in a tremendous amount of work into this blog, but it’s the community around it, that makes it what it is.

So thank you, thank you, thank you :)

To celebrate, I hope you don’t mind me posting an old moodboard – it pretty much reflects my mood :)


Pastel balloons / Save the Dates, photobooth backdrop, decorated branches / Shoes with shoe clips / circus inspired ceremony

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Sponsor Spotlight: David Schreiner

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Have you already seen David Schreiner‘s amazing work? David shoots full day weddings, and will be there for you to capture every single emotion and detail of your big day – from the first pinned curl until the last dance. All of it captured with his impeccable style – journalistic and honest, unpretentious and timeless. All for you to savour when you look back at the big day which had gone by way too fast.

A couple of favourites of mine below… but let yourself get inspired on David’s own website.

All photography by David Schreiner


A Vintage Glam Boudoir Photo Shoot

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Photographed by Jennie Johansson from Fotograf Miss Jeni

Ooh la la! A little something different for you today, as we’re hastily approaching the weekend. Can you feel the spring in the air? The love? :)

I rarely feature boudoir shoots, but this one had something different about it. In terms of boudoir shoot styles, the vintage-y (if that’s a word), pin-up inspired is one of the kinds that I love. While the gorgeous, red-haired girl in these pictures is a model, the poses and the impeccable make-up are definitely some to let yourself inspired by, as well as the glamorous location. Of course, the stunning result wouldn’t have been the same if Jennie Johansson hadn’t been the one who captured them. I can’t decide if I like colourful or the black and white photographs better – they are equally alluring and beautiful. I love the use of angles, the light and the whole idea and concept behind this shoot… It’s so well done!


Thanks to Jennie for sending these my way!

Happy weekend everyone!


Photographer: Fotograf Miss Jeni
Hair and Makeup: Dorion Chang at Salong Barock
Model: Tea Time
Venue: Paradvåningen


Lilié ♥ Linus – The Wedding With 800 Balloons

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Photographed by Therese Ekblom – see the entire set of pictures over at the gallery

I love it, when someone takes the courage to do something a little exceptional to make their wedding stand out. Like blowing 800 balloons to create a Tim Walker-esque look to the venue. I love, how balloons are having a come-back in tasteful style – first we saw them as props in wedding and engagement photography, and now we see them more and more as elements of decor… giving a fun vibe, without it giving a children’s birthday party look. Case in point:

Therese, who both styled and photographed the event, tells us: “I made them blow 800 balloons (!) and even though they thought I was a little bit crazy in the beginning they really loved the idea in the end :) Lilié works as a singer and loves to make cupcakes and everything that’s pink and cute so the theme became pink, balloons and sweets! She actually wrote her beloved Linus a love song that she played at the church, Oh My, it was so sweet! 

Linus works in the military but was actually really good with the flower arrangements. We made a center piece made by floral oasis that we put in the middle of a candle holder. A big sweets table was presented in the centre with a lot of yummy treats! And for those who couldn’t wait until after dinner, we also presented a lot of sweets on the table.”

Pretty great ideas, don’t you think?

But for now, let’s go back to the beginning of the day, where the couple, Lilié and Linus were married at this beautiful ceremony:

Back at the venue, Krägga Herrgård, the guests were met with balloons and a rather impressive candy table. Are you drooling, like me?

I love how sweets are part of the decor in these images… the overflowing china cups and glass bowls. You simply can’t go wrong!

I love how it seems that the guests are having fun with helium here… I can only guess how fun it must have been!

Some portraits in the amazing backdrop…

Aaaaaand the cake, party and release of floating lanterns. You can really tell that this party must have been so much fun, and one which the guests will remember forever!

Thank you, Therese for sharing these images – you did an impressive job, and we’d love to see much, much more and many more, crazy ideas from you :)

And to Lilié and Linus: All the happiness of the world to you, the beautiful couple!

Photographer: Therese Ekblom
Venue: Krägga Herrgård
Catering: Krägga Herrgård
Wedding planner / stylist: Therese Ekblom


Charlotta ♥ Ola – A Classic Fairy Tale Wedding

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Photographed by Anna Roström, Small Pig Art – see the whole wedding gallery here

Brace yourselves for this wedding… you’ll wish you had been one of the 170 lucky guests who joined this beautiful couple to celebrate their love. Honestly, and I really mean it, literally: I don’t know where to start, if I were to list the details. So much thought has been put into this special event, which was captured beautifully (as always) by Anna Roström of Small Pig Art. Charlotta was so sweet and generous to share with us the details of the wedding, and I really hope you’ll take the opportunity to read her words after the pictures… You won’t be disappointed – it’s the next best thing to actually being a guest there :) So while you cosy up and enjoy the images here and in the gallery, why don’t you ask your fiancé to go pour you a glass of wine?

Simply love, love, love the groom’s expression in these pictures!

I adore it when photographers capture tender moments like these…

The emotions are almost tangible in these images…:

Are you ready with your glass of wine? Here’s Charlotta’s account of the day:

“Saturday, July 2, 2011 we got married in Onsala church at 14:00. It was a wedding in three days that we never would have thought would be so great and such a nice memory – the best day of our lives.

The preparations began in April 2010 when we booked the church, Onsala Church outside Kungsbacka and location of the wedding feast, which was Tjolöholm castle. Then came a wonderful year with lots of planning. We knew we wanted our wedding would be in pink and we wanted to give our guests something extra. For us, our families and friends are very important. So we wanted them to have a memory for life. As the guest list was quite long (over 170 guests), we knew that our challenge was to make all guests feel special and that the wedding would have a sense of personality and commitment. With this in mind, we started our preparations in November 2010.

We did all the invitations by ourselves. The invitation consisted of a pink box that was sent out to all guests. Inside the box was the invitation and a reply card. We also sent small messages to all the guests who had children. We wanted to have a child free wedding, but to write this in a charming way,  we sent out the cute little messages in pink and blue to all the children and asked if we could borrow their parents during the wedding. This proved to be very much appreciated. More than 50 guests were also invited to our rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding, and a closing brunch at the castle the day after the wedding. These guests also got to stay over at the castle during the wedding weekend.

The invitations were sent out in January 2011, after that it was a couple of great months of planning. Charlotta is very interested in fashion and for her it was the dream to wear a wedding dress by Swedish designer Lars Wallin. During spring and early summer, it was many flights to Stockholm to meet Lars Wallin. This was a great experience for Charlotta. Lars is also the designer of the blue gown that Charlotta wore on our rehearsal dinner the day before the wedding.

The wedding ring was designed by Charlotta together with a gemstone expert Stefan Ahrenbäck at Juvelstudion in Kungsbacka. It became a ring in white gold with a great princess cut diamond. It took a couple of weeks before Stefan found the perfect stone, but once he found it, it was magnificent. It had the right size and best quality. The stone had to travel all the way from India and it was fortunate that we were out in good time so it came to Sweden in time before the wedding. Since Ola’s parents unfortunately are not alive anymore, we wanted to have a memory of them at the wedding. We therefore melted down some of Ola’s mother’s wedding ring in Charlotta’s wedding ring. In this way they were with us throughout the wedding and also in our journey through life.

The month before the wedding we were quite calm and the week before the wedding we went along with 12 good friends to Marbella, Spain to relax and top up your tan before the wedding. This was a relaxing trip, which was exactly what we needed. We came home from Spain on Thursday before the wedding (the wedding was on Saturday) and only then we started getting a little nervous and butterflies in the stomach really woke to life. On Thursday, Charlotta trimmed her nails with Eva-Linn Nordh on Jennie H nail studio in Gothenburg.

Something we remember that we were nervous about was of course the weather, this is probably very common. We followed the weather forecasts from Spain and the week forecasts showed 18 degrees and pouring rain during the entire wedding weekend. This was obviously not so fun but the
sun was shining and it became a really nice day. Charlotta was and fixed her hair with Rebecka Svensson at Ikon in Gothenburg. To the impressive blue Lars Wallin-dress it had to be a tight hairstyle. Lars Wallin Charlotta´s also designed the earrings to the dress,  and matched the buckle of the dress and the jewels on her shoes. The dress is made for the shoes that Charlotta had to the dress, which is all women’s dream, namely, Manolo Blahniks Hangisi satin pumps in blue (edit: A.K.A. Carrie’s Shoes). On Friday, Ola wore a dark blue suit from Calvin Klein with blue accessories from Lars Wallin, who was in the same fabric as Charlotta´s dress.

Rehearsal dinner on Friday was held in the Manege at Tjolöholm Castle, which is a wonderful hall in white wood with very high ceilings. For appetizers we were served baked chèvre cheese on freshly baked sourdough bread and the main course was the Halibut with pommes duchesse. For dessert we were served tasty chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberries. Troubadour Björn stood for entertainment throughout the evening and our fantastic photographer Anna Roström from Smallpigart was there and photographed during the evening. At eleven o’clock the bride and her
four bridesmaids, Therese, Ida, Jenny and Catharina left the party in a taxi to Gothenburg and Avalon Hotel. The groom stayed behind and kept the party running at the castle along with the other guests.

At hotel Avalon, it was booked a suite for the bridesmaids and the bride. They drank champagne and gossipped until we realized it was probably good to get a few hours’ sleep. So that the bridesmaids would feel special, all bridesmaids received pink goodie bags with gifts to use at the wedding. All bags contained hair jewelry from Hair Comes the Bride U.S. and earrings and bracelets from Karen Millen, England.

When we woke up on Saturday morning, it felt unreal. Today was our big day and that we would finally have become husband and wife felt absolutely fantastic. In the morning there was some rain while Charlotta and bridesmaids were at the hairdresser. 

Our photographer Anna met us up at the salon where we drank some champagne and had a well-deserved breakfast. The bridesmaids were also helping to dress the bride. Bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets consisted of pink roses and peonies, and part of the
fabric from the wedding dress was also included in the bride’s bouquet. The groom and best man’s clothes were hired, but as a gift from the groom all three got matching cufflinks from Omega.

At eleven o’clock the bridegroom came with Per and Niklas (Best man and Man of Honor) and then it became a sea of ​emotions that erupted. The moment when Ola sees Charlotta for the first time is wonderful. Anna captured this very well on the photos. When we got to see each other it felt like the whole world stood still and that it was just the two of us in our own little bubble. This bubble of love remained throughout the whole day. There was just us right now and no one else…

When we were done at the hairdresser’s, it was time for photo shooting around in Gothenburg. The weather had cracked up and it turned out that the meteorologists were wrong all along. It became the summer’s finest days with sunshine and 30 degrees Celsius. When we went out to the church
the thermometer in the limousine showed 32 degrees and we all agreed that it was a weather miracle. On the way out to the church, we were all very nervous. It was nice that we had each other and it really felt like there was something special in the air. As we stood on the church steps and the bells began to ring, we held each other’s hands tightly, took a deep breath and when the wonderful musician Stefan Andersson started playing “För kärlekens skull” by Ted Gärdestad and we took the first step into the church and all the nervousness dropped. To walk up the aisle and see all our loved ones smile at us. And to go beside the one you love most of all on earth gave us and all our guests chills. In the church I felt as if it was just us and no one else. It was incredibly beautiful, and when Charlotta said “yes” in the church with a very firm voice, there was even a little laugh between the rows. Stefan Andersson sang two of his most famous songs, “Anywhere is Paradise” and “Bröllopsvals från Hagen”. During the ceremony also Gothernburg  Gospel Choir sang a love medley with selected of our favorite love songs. It all ended with “Kärleken är evig” by Lena Philipsson. The atmosphere in the church was at its peak and no one could sit still inside the church. Medley ended with a resounding round of applause by all the guests. It was a fantastic atmosphere and it felt as if the whole church would burst with all the love that flourished there. The church was also decorated by Camilla from Bröllopsagenturen. In each row, there were vases of pink peonies, and bridal veil. It was also ivy and pink satin ribbons hanging down on each row.

Outside the church was an old Rolls Royce to pick up the bride and groom. The trip went down to Smarholmen in Onsala for further photograph shooting. The location of the shoot was perfect and the photographer Anna had found a charming white shed, which we photographed at. Our mood was
at its peak and there was much laughter and champagne in the sun with the bridesmaids and best mans. During this time, we thought it was pretty nice to come down to the sea for a while to cool us. The heat was incredible and we all felt that it would be nice to take a refreshing dip in the sea.

While the bridal couple drove down to the sea for photo shooting the bus took all guests to the wedding party at Tjolöholm´s castle. On the bus were all guests received a pink silk bag in lace with some nuts and a bottle of champagne. The rumor was that the champagne ended like butter in the sun …

Once at the castle, the guests listen to the piano playing of Lisa Ljungberg from CMC Music. There was a reception with champagne and canapés, and now our eminent toastmasters, Emelie Thor and Niclas Jarhäll made their presentation. They were really amazing. The only thing we had told them
was that we wanted to have a spectacular and personal wedding with a show for our guests. And what a show they gave us …

At five o’clock the bride and groom arrived to the castle and it became more cheers and mingles. Six o’clock it was time to sit down in the huge party tent that the company Intent set up in front of the castle towards the sea. Camilla and her colleagues from Bröllopsagenturen had created something magical in the tent. It was like a magnificent pink fairy dream with pink flowers, candelabras, pink helium balloons from the ceiling, rosettes, fabrics, and a pink stage and once again lots of flowers.

Each guest got a little pink box as a wedding favor. In the box was a small bottle with Minttu to sip on during the evening and a lace bag of pink M&M’s. M&M´s was ordered from the U.S. and on one side of them was a photo of the couple and on the other side, it was printed “Ola and Charlotta July 2, 2011″. The gentlemen also received shoe shine with the bridal couple’s emblem on and the ladies got a purse hanger in silver. Around each gift set it was a pink ribbon with a small message ring in silver to each guest. Each message was personally addressed to each guest so that he/she would feel special – there are details that make that little extra … At the piano sat Lisa Ljungberg, playing love songs. Because it was so hot we also opened up that part of the tent facing the sea and it was a fantastic view over the sea with the castle in the foreground. Yes, what a party room it was. It almost felt unreal.

The toastmasters started with an amazing dance number that really set the bar sky-high at the wedding dinner. It was with lifting and change of clothes and it felt very much that the party now was started. Then there was an endless stream of wonderful and touching speeches. Since Ola’s
parents are not are alive anymore, it was many tears but it were tears of love, lost and joy. Many of the guests had put together their own songs they performed, a few had recorded a movie and the toastmaster’s performances throughout the evening were absolutely amazing. The cover
band Tre Drag helped the guests with the music features during the dinner and each speaker had chosen a song that they were introduced with. The music was really something that pushed up the atmosphere during dinner.

The wedding dinner was also delicious. Starter consisted of three Swedish classic dishes. Västerbotten-paj served with roe. Smoked Savo Salmon and seafood pannacotta. For main course was served veal fillet with almond potato puree, tarragon cream and a zinfandel sauce. For dessert
we had the bridal couple’s favorite, crème Brulé with blackberry sorbet. The food was cooked by the castles chef Jerker and the wine during dinner was prepared by the castle’s eminent sommelier Henrik Folkesson. Henrik was also the person who made ​sure everything was working during the
wedding day and his work was truly magnificent.

The dinner ended with a very touching speech from the groom and then it was time for the wedding waltz and cake. The cake was a pink groovy dream made ​of one of Sweden’s top pastry chefs, Maria Grave. Maria was also involved in the making of the wedding cake for Crown Princess Victoria’s

The bridal waltz was danced inside the hall of the castle. Actually it was not a waltz we danced it was a rumba choreographed by Lars Sinclair of Sinclair’s in Gothenburg. After seven dance classes we managed the rumba and it is thanks to Lars. We can certainly recommend him to other
bridal couples. The reason it was a rumba and not a waltz was that we wanted to dance to Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind” and it could not dance to waltz. Therefore it had to be a rumba, but it was fun that it became a little different. Inside the castle hall Lisa Ljungberg play Empire State of Mind live on the piano while we were dancing. Dancing to live music made ​it really more alive.

When the waltz and the cake was done, our band Tre Drag was waiting in the tent with a big show. After a couple of songs came one of the bridal couple’s surprises for the guests on stage – the Swedish pop star Charlotte Perrelli. Charlotte performed wonderful song and great generosity. All guests’ mobile cameras were in the air and in the bar there was not a soul. Everyone was on the dance floor and Charlotte really gave us a show – what a night…

At two o’clock it was almost difficult to take in more of the evening and then we left the party. A taxi was waiting for us outside the castle, which took us to the honeymoon suite at the Avalon Hotel in Gothenburg. We recall that it was so nice to sit in the taxi. It was completely silent and we were just being with each other – nice feeling. At The Avalon Hotel waited chocolate, fruit and even more champagne. At this time we sat down and just was totally captured. We wondered what just had happened. Everything was so amazing that we thought it was a dream – a fairy tale – was it really for real? Yes probably it was….

It is difficult to give a recipe for a successful wedding but we want everyone to know that a successful wedding does not have to do with how much material things you organize, where to have the party or witch wedding dress the bride have. A wedding is a success if it is so much love in the air that it feels as there is no more roam for love and that you have friends and family who contribute to this charity. That’s why our wedding was so successful. We are confident about that.

The day after the wedding we went to the Ikon Salon again where Rebecka gave Charlotte another wedding hairstyle. This time, it became loose big blond curls. Then we went to Tjolöholm Castle for brunch in the castle dining room with our guests. During the brunch Charlotta wore a powder pink creation by designer Max Azria. Shoes and bag came from English Karen Millen. Ola wore a blue jacket from Hugo Boss and pink shirt from Eton.

The brunch consisted of a delicious buffet with all the goodies you can think of. Even the bride’s favorite – pancake tart was of course the buffet table. During the brunch we took the opportunity to give especially thanks to all the guests and organizers as well say goodbye to all guests in a proper manner. After brunch, we went back to the hotel and just took it easy the rest of the day. We had so much to talk about that we could not watch TV or read a book. It was instead a lot of room service and great discussions about great memories – now we were finally Mr. and Mrs. Törnell.

First on Tuesday after the wedding we went off on our honeymoon to the beautiful French Polynesia. We spent 8 days and nights at the fabulous Bora Bora and then we were five days on the small coral atoll island Tikehau. This was a paradise we have never before experienced, to see pictures from our honeymoon you can visit our wedding blog, http://olacharlotta.bloggproffs.se

Dear Charlotta and Ola – thank you so, so much for sharing your beautful wedding with us. I’m left absolutely breathless at the throughtfulness and details that went behind this event. I wish you all the best!



Photographer: Anna Roström, Smallpigart
Wedding dress: Lars Wallin
Brides shoes: Manolo Blahnik  Jewel Satin d’Orsay
Earrings and bracelet: Agatha Paris
Hairpins: Hair Comes The Bride
Bride’s hair: Eli Sund, Ikon Hår & Hud Gothenburg.
Bridesmaids’ hair: Rebecka Svensson and Jenny Hansing also from Ikon Hår & Hud Gothenburg
Bridesmaids dresses: Göran Alfredsson from Thalia, Stockholm.
Bridesmaids jewelry: Karen Millen
Bridesmaids shoes: Guess
Makeup: Alexandra Jastre, Elisabethskolan, Gothenburg
Ceremony venue: Onsala church
Reception: Tjolöholms castle outside Kungsbacka
Cake: Maria Grave
Flowers: Blomsterkonstnären in Gothenburg
Decor and decorations: Camilla Haraldsson from Fest och Bröllopsagenturen
Singer/Guitarist at ceremony: Stefan Andersson
Choir: Gothenburg Gospel Choir
Pianist: Lisa Ljungberg 
Band: Tre Drag
Entertainment: Charlotte Perelli
Wedding dinner marquee: InTent Solutions

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