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Changes are Coming

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The third sentence in this post that you’re about to read is of the kinds that the professional bloggers say that you shouldn’t write – in fact, I’m going to be breaking a couple of rules with this post. Basically, one of the rules is, if you haven’t updated your blog recently, you shouldn’t apologise – just get on with it, as if nothing happened…  …Still, I feel I owe you guys an apology for disappearing and for being so behind on answering your emails. It seems that, when you’re a wedding blogger – especially if you’re serious about it – then you treat it as a business, and you should give what your readers are coming for – images and inspiration en masse. Now, I better tell you this right away – nothing is changing in that respect :) So no worries!  But with spring having finally arrived, it was almost criminal not to take a moment away from the screen and go for some long strolls with the baby carriage, breathe in the fresh air, and reflect over how I’ve grown in the past couple of years – as a new mother, as a blogger, and as a person.

The truth is that I’ve been wanting to be more personal on this blog for a long time – I do, after all, categorise this blog as a ‘Personal Blog’ on Facebook. I’d like to reach out more to you guys – my lovely readers, 700 of you who like what I do on Facebook, and the rest of you who follow me on Bloglovin’, Twitter, RSS and Pinterest… and some of you have now turned friends in real life, and many of you are friends who I just haven’t had the chance to meet yet.

Once in a while and in the flurry of things, I forget the things that I’ve accomplished with this blog and how far I have come. I started the blog with the hopes of making some noise in the Danish (and later Scandinavian) wedding industry, I was dreaming of one day getting to meet some of those highly talented, creative people that burn passionately for prettiness and uniqueness and changing the wedding scene to becoming much more personal to bridal couples. All this while having a full-time (or actually, over full-time) job in a very different field… all of these dreams, in spite of me being ordinary.

In fact, in real life, I am really quite ordinary.

Although I blog about wedding dresses and pretty accessories, I myself rarely wear a colour coordinated outfit. And my home isn’t always filled with fresh flowers with cute little DIY projects in the corner… even though I would love it to be! I am still struggling with post-pregnancy kilos, I am always behind on laundry, and while I write about rather social events, I am, by nature, rather shy and timid in larger groups, and the kind of person who can easily spend an entire week snuggling up with no other company than my husband and my son. Really, I’m not all that outgoing, and I’m sure that growing up, I struck many as very insecure and a little hopeless in many aspects. And I think that that’s why I decided that careerwise, I chose the safe, non-creative path, as I felt that I could never be good enough in the world of design.

“Ah”, you might say. “It’s the classic Scandinavian modesty syndrome speaking here”. And while I would argue that I am actually being honest, here’s where I really want to stop up, yell and celebrate: a number of the dreams that I was hoping to reach with my blog already came true, and there’s much more to come!  I’m mentioning this, because sometimes, I forget how awesome this really is. Participating in styled shoots, making friends with those talents in the industry who I regarded the very highest and watched from afar in the beginning, and best of all, seeing these people coming together, from various locations, to network, because we have finally found each other, and essentially, we all have these same missions and dreams.

It’s in the middle of this that I can tell that I have grown as a person – this is where I feel that I come to my own, where I feel confident that if I were to begin working hard at a creative project of my own, it could actually become a success. And while in the beginning, when I started blogging, the wedding industry seemed to me one of competition and holding all one’s cards to oneself, I have instead experienced many, independent people are coming together across branches – to inspire each other and help each other achieve success and reaching *their* goals. I promise you, in a couple of months, you’ll see the results. But what I really want to celebrate, is this: I can’t help but think that this little blog that you are reading right here might have a little share to do with some of the exciting friendships that I can see are being made and networks that are arising.

So that’s what I mean by the title of this post – changes are coming, for the wedding industry, for me and for you.

But, there’s also this: I mentioned briefly on Facebook at the start of this year, that I had a plan figured out for the blog. I won’t mention the plans yet, out of fear of jinxing them… But what I can say is this: while I will (of course) continue to feature real Scandinavian weddings, I also want to dig out my creative gene and do so much more to inspire new and original ideas for you brides. To do this, however, I am going to have to really compromise on time (which I also have to share with my almost 6 months old son), which is why in the next while, the posts might be a little irregular, while I work behind the scenes on many other projects… the fruits of which you will, of course, get to see on this blog once time comes. To keep updated and in touch, do remember to like the Facebook page, subscribe to the RSS feed, add me to your BlogLovin’ list or follow me on Twitter or my boards on Pinterest.

In the spirit of me opening up and being more personal, I’ll leave you with this picture that my friend Audrey Smit took just before Christmas, which I really love, and which I feel reflects the soft, reflecting and intimate time I’m in right here, right now.


DIY: Plant pot boutonnière

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Spring is in the air! New life is slowly starting to unfurl, the days are becoming visibly longer and those chilling sub zero temperatures are hopefully a thing of the past (well, for the next many months at least). A perfect time to enjoy a nice pop of colour and embrace what nature (or in my case the garden centre) has to offer.

What you’ll need:

  • Straight edge
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors/craft knife
  • Super glue
  • Pencil
  • Mini plant pot
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Hessian type material
  • Broach pin
  • Cling wrap
  • Plant/flower/herb of your choosing
  • Rotary tool or hacksaw

When deciding what to put in your plant pot, try to make sure that the chosen item will be small enough to fit comfortably, without having to damage the root too much.

Begin by marking off the halfway point of your plant pot (see below).

Then use your rotary tool (or hacksaw if you don’t have one) to cut the pot down the middle.

(For this I briefly enlisted the help of my man, but decided this was acceptable as I was creating a men’s accessory. Plus any hint of an opportunity to get a power tool out (no matter how small the job) and there’s no holding him back!)

Take one of the pot halves and draw around it on your piece of cardboard.

Do the same as above with your hessian fabric and glue the two pieces, one on either side of the cardboard cutout, to create the backing for your boutonniére.

Affix a broach pin about two thirds of the way up one side, then leave to dry.

Once dry, attach the backing to the pot with plenty of super glue and leave it to set.

Line the inside of the half pot with some cling film (I glued this into place to make it easier to trim off the loose edges)

Remove any excess soil from your chosen plant or flower and place it in your half pot, making sure to press it down firmly.

Then step back to admire your little living boutonnière.

What I like most about this is that the flower is still alive and could easily be replanted afterwards as a sweet momento of your wedding day. You could even use a small sapling and who knows in years to come it might blossom into a wonderful tree in the back garden.


Agnetha ♥ Jussi – A DIY Marie Antoinette Inspired Wedding in Finland

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Photographed by Johanna Hietanen Photography - see much, much more in the gallery

Oh, stop it. The bride designed her dress herself?

Knowing that the bride wanted a Marie Antoinette inspired wedding, we can only brace ourselves for the sweetness and decadence which we are about to experience. For what is a Marie Antoinette inspired wedding without lush cakes and a candy table, and plenty of pink? You won’t be disappointed!

From Johanna Hietanen: The wedding of Agnetha & Jussi took place in Rauma, Finland. The bride, Agnetha, had a Marie Antoinette themed wedding in mind. It’s mostly DIY wedding made by Agnetha herself. Theme colors were pink/dark brown/gold.

A few cool little details: Agnetha’s Father had decorated a pair of sneakers with childhood pictures of Agnetha and he wore them at the church. Agnetha’s wedding dress is based on her own drawings and ideas. She plans to get it shortened later and use it as a party dress.

With a mum who is a master confectioner, a florist aunt and a creative bride, this DIY wedding is full of personality. I love a DIY bride, but especially I love it when families come together to help create a celebration, giving the wedding the personal touch not only of the bridal couple, but of the families that surround them.

Thank you so much, Johanna and Jouni for sharing these images! And to Agnetha and Jussi, congratulations on what looks to have been a fantastic celebration of love!

Photographer: Johanna & Jouni of Johanna Hietanen Photography
Wedding dress: Made by Saara Toivanen of Pukuni,
Groom’s attire: Juhla-Asu (adimo cerimonia)
Shoes: Brandos
Headpiece: Juhla-Asu
Hair: By Agnetha’s sister, Benitha
Makeup: Made by Agnetha herself
Venue: Kulttuuritalo Poselli,
Cake: Made by Agnetha’s Mom (she’s Master Confectioner)
Flowers: Provided by Agnetha’s Aunt who is a former florist
Invitations & Stationery: Made by Agnetha herself, everything had a lollipop theme and the gifts for every guests was a lollipop too
Entertainment: Henri Marjamäki Band


The winner of the Jannie Baltzer giveaway…

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Gooodmorning! It’s another beautiful Monday, and I finally get to announce the winner of the Jannie Baltzer give-away!

Are you ready?

Congratulations, Malene!!!

Please send me an email with your address (elizabeth@prettychicblog.dk), and I’ll put you in touch with Jannie Baltzer :)

Have a great day, everyone!

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Sara ♥ Per – Fresh Spring Wedding

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Photographed by Peter Tarpgaard

Carrying on from yesterday’s spring inspiration board, I coincidentally found this wedding by Peter Tarpgaard in my archives, which I was waiting to post until the right moment…

The misty fog which lay over this May wedding really creates a magical atmosphere, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, I don’t know very much about this wedding, other than that the intimate ceremony was held in the tiny St. Nikolai chapel in Knäbäckshusen by the Swedish coast. The portraits were taken in the deep green beech forrest at Stenshuvud and the reception was held at a spa hotel, Vitemölla Badhotell. The bride wore a simple, pretty dress, while the groom and the couple’s son wore a bold, spring green coloured vest and cravat.

Nothing, and especially not the fog, rain and cold could beat the joy and happiness that literally shone out of Sara and Per on this, their wedding day – and Peter captured this and more. I absolutely love.

Photography: Peter Tarpgaard
Ceremony Venue: St Nikolai Chapel
Reception Venue: Vitemölla Badhotell

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