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{ Photoshoot } 1960s Jetset Honeymoon

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Photographed by Alicia Swedenborg – see many more details in the gallery

My friends… prepare to drop your jaws at the beauty of this shoot.  In this joint project between the stylists at Vintage Honeymoon and photographer Alicia Swedenborg, you’ll be seeing a drop dead gorgeous couple rocking dapper suits and gorgeous dresses in gold, blush and lavender blue by Ida Sjöstedt and Lova weddings. Oh, and whip in a sports car, a French bulldog and a candlelit dinner in a meadow… this will make you dream away. What else is better on a Thursday in February?

The story of this shoot actually begins where the wedding stops – and at the destination of the getaway car. A very early morning, sometime in the late 1960s, a French upper class girl and her English rockstar husband – we’ll call them Estelle and John – arrive directly from the wedding party, in their full wedding attire, at the bride’s family palace to spend their honeymoon. Their butler comes to greet them, and while the newlyweds relax by playing music, reading aloud to each other cuddling with their bulldog and sharing a golden cake and bubbly, they await as the butler sets up a delectable, candle-lit dinner for two in the meadow…



Wasn’t this gorgeous?

I tell you, this post was hours in the making. Selecting from the couple of hundred photos, this was such a delight to put together. If you haven’t had enough, or want to see even more details, be sure to check the gallery… but do this at your own risk, as I promise you that you will be hanging out in there for a long, long, long time… the gorgeousness never ends…

Thank you to sweet Madelin, Maria and Alicia for allowing me to share this shoot. You girls rock! :)


Photographer: Alicia Swedenborg
Flowers, decor, jewellery and styling – Madelin Downey & Maria Ahlin at Vintage Honeymoon
Models: Maria Appelgren, Andreas La Chenardiere, Hans Sevefjord  and Ebbe the dog
Venue - Tullgarns Castle, Stockholm, Sweden
Brides Dress - Lova Weddings (blue dress model “DISA Blue”, pink dress) Ida Sjöstedt (gold dress)
Grooms Vintage Suit - Alexander Marchesan
Lavish Pastry Design - Holy Sweet
Hair Stylist – Madelin Downey
Make-Up Artist – Jennie Sjöholm


Karin ♥ Torfinn – Sweet Vintage Wedding

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Photographed by Anna Roström from Small Pig Art – Check out the gallery from this wedding over here.

What a sweet, sweet wedding to start off this week. I’m not sure what I love most… the lush, pink bouquet with peonies, roses, gillyflower and swan’s down… the flowy dress or the very lovely, vintage inspired hairstyle, decorated with swan’s down and pearls… For sure, this wedding as a whole came together beautifully… but then, what else could we expect when Madelin Downey sprinkles her magic over the event?

A couple of words from Karin, the beautiful bride:

“Inspired by vintage styling, Coney Island, the Lindy hop dance, and a classic, Scandinavian early summer’s night, we got married under the trees at Skeppsholmen, in the heart of Stockholm. We are a mixed nationalities couple – Torfinn is from Norway and I’m from Sweden. We have chosen Stockholm for our hometown and it was important for us that the wedding was in the heart of it, right in the mix of city, water and nature. When we decided to marry, we were on a biking vacation, going 420 km around the beautiful lake of Mälaren in Sweden. This is why we used a bike as a vehicle.”

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Emelie ♥ Johan – Swedish Lakeside Wedding

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Photographed by Jonas Peterson – check out many more photos in the gallery

Whenever I plan a post, I always mull over what to write before sitting down and creating the post. This time, I have no idea where to start. I am just so happy to have the honour of featuring this work.

Many of you readers, who are also photographers, already know that Jonas Peterson is claimed to be one of the world’s best wedding photographers. In fact, I understand quite a number of photographers have a bit of a crush on him. Originally from Sweden, he migrated to Australia a number of years ago (…unfortunately for us, but hey, it’s hard to blame him!). Once in a rare while though, we are so lucky to have him go back to his motherland and photograph a wedding so that the rest of us can see the beauty of his work in Scandinavian light. This wedding, photographed at Emelie’s father’s summerhouse in Töcksfors in Värmland, features what I love most about Scandinavian weddings – when the vast, unique, Scandinavian nature becomes thoroughly incorporated into the celebration, rain or shine. As you’ll see, it’s a pity to be limited by a blog column of 600 px – many of these pictures really deserve to be seen in full screen, in a coffee table book, framed on the wall, or heck – as wallpaper.

Enough said. Please enjoy Emelie and Johan’s wedding:

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Dress designer Cecilie Melli

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One thing that I really enjoyed about the Full Day Wedding Photographer competition, is the new vendors and designers that were mentioned in the entries. One of these was Norwegian Cecilie Melli, whose dresses are so, so swoon-worthy. Flowy and delicate and very romantic. Cecilie also designs lovely accessories, shoes and very feminine dresses and knits for indulgent, every day use.

I love i when my readers can keep *me* updated on what’s hot :)

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Lisa ♥ Simon – Yellow Chic Wedding

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Photography by Small Pig Art – Much, much more over here.

Do you ever wonder what a wedding photographer’s own wedding looks like? Well, here’s one which will have you drooling. Such an elegant and at the same time delightfully playful wedding with bright, fun details. To start: the lovely attire of the bride, Lisa. A short dress with a black sash and a bow at the waist, dotted tulle and headpiece and a bold, yellow bracelet. The groom wore yellow suspenders and a boutonniere of yellow craspedia – oh, and a bow-tie, together with a dotted pocket handkerchief. Don’t you just love their custom, white Converse All Stars with their personal phrase printed on – Du Och Jag (You And I)? Not to forget the lovely bikes used for the fun portrait session!

Be sure to read Lisa’s own words about the wedding after the pictures:

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