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Brittany ♥ Paul – Scandinavian Garden Wedding

16/06-2012   |   Category: Real Weddings   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   13 comments

Photographed by Ali Degraff Through 3 years of writing this blog, I have often found myself thinking how to define a Scandinavian wedding. We Scandinavians take so much pride in our design tradition – the modern, white, straightlined style that we see reflected in so much Scandinavian furniture and architecture… It’s easy to forget that we […]

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Katarina ♥ Oskar – Fun, Colourful, Retro-inspired Wedding

24/10-2011   |   Category: Real Weddings   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   10 comments
34 bridal portrait

Photographed by Mikaela Rudhner - full gallery with many more pictures here I am so excited to be sharing this wedding with you today. The colours, the plain fun atmosphere – isn’t this a perfect post for a Monday? I love that the couple decided to have their portraits done at a pub…: The beautiful, colourful […]

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Thilde ♥ Lara – A Rooftop Wedding

17/10-2011   |   Category: Real Weddings   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   1 comment
urban rooftop wedding (22)

Photographed by Amanda Thomsen – full gallery of pictures here Remember Thilde and Lara’s colourful, urban pre-wedding session? Well, you might have noticed that their wedding was featured on Rock’n’Roll Bride a short while ago… and I’m so excited to be able to feature them here too :) The occasion was to be as relaxed […]

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Amanda ♥ Andy – A Pink and Orange Wedding

29/08-2011   |   Category: Real Weddings   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   9 comments
Pink and Orange Wedding 2Brides (57)

Photographed by 2 Brides Photography. Much, much more in the gallery A splash of colour coming atcha! I love Amanda and Andy’s choice of bold choice for the colour palette – the combination of pink and orange gives such a cheery feel to this beautiful event – from the groom’s socks and waistcoat to the […]

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Summer Favourites: Fresh Spring Invitations

08/07-2011   |   Category: Personal Favourites   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   1 comment

These music inspired invitations may have been made for a photoshoot with a spring theme, celebrating the music of birds singing and chirping, but I do think that there are many ideas to pull from this invitation suite. The colour combination, the shape of the envelopes, the pretty envelope lining – the lovely little details […]

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