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Tânia ♥ Joonas – Sweet Finnish-Portuguese Wedding

01/12-2011   |   Category: Real Weddings   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   Leave a comment
Sweet Finnish Portuguese Wedding (45)

Photographed by Piteira Photography – be sure to check out the full gallery here Ah – to get married in Southern Europe. While I like to appreciate and celebrate everything we have up here in the North – well, there is something very appealing (especially on a grey first day of December) about celebrating love […]

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{ Photoshoot } Shabby Chic Danish Beach Wedding – Part 1

27/10-2011   |   Category: Photoshoot   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   5 comments
shabby chic beach wedding (85)

Photographed by Audrey Smit – all pictures to be found in the gallery I know I have mentioned this a couple of times, but the best thing about this blog is seeing how in some crazy way, this blog has enabled me to reach out to other crazy people like me and make crazy dreams […]

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Summer favourites: Long tables and chandeliers

05/07-2011   |   Category: Details, details, details, Personal Favourites   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   1 comment

Still one of my absolute favourite looks for a wedding, is this one here from fabulous wedding photographer Elizabeth Messina’s  own wedding. I yearn to recreate this look someday. Elizabeth had collected 30 chandeliers, old and new, over a long period of time and repaired each one of them to ensure that they would lightup on […]

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Christina ♥ Mark – Playful Wedding Details

28/06-2011   |   Category: Real Weddings   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   1 comment
21 ceremony details

Photographed by Kyle Hale - see the complete set of pictures in the gallery So, I bet you can’t wait to see the details of the Icelandic wedding featured earlier… well, you are really in for some inspiration! The burlap, the books, the whole eclectic look which comes from mismatching elements… oh, look at this: Books […]

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Fancy Picnic Inspired Bachelorette Tablescape

05/06-2011   |   Category: Details, details, details   |   Posted by: Elizabeth   |   4 comments

I was overcome by utter laziness today, spending my day nibbling left over Danish strawberries from yesterday’s dessert and hanging on the couch on the veranda, soaking in the heat. It is so hot in Copenhagen today, and the sky is blue, blue, blue. So I didn’t tell you the entire truth in my last […]

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